A long-established brand for organic baby toys and comforters, well-known for their Toddels and Zmooz ranges of comforters. Some of these toys have natural wool fillings (please see individual toy descriptions, or the Natural Fillings category, for these) and some are specifically designed for premature babies, to help with bonding whilst in hospital.

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Scenting these toys: Keptin-Jr keenly raises awareness of the benefits of using "scenting" to bond with, or to reassure, your baby when they're not being held. The natural fabrics of these comforters will absorb your scent if you wear them inside your clothing, against your skin.

When you're not able to hold your baby, or whilst they're sleeping, your scent on the comforter's fabric will provide reassurance that you're nearby. This is particularly helpful with the bonding process for premature babies who can't be in regular close contact with their parents whilst they're in an incubator. The scented comforter will help them to recognise you when cuddles can finally be enjoyed more freely. 

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