Welcome to my online shop, where you'll find beautiful & ethical organic baby toys, which are the perfect gifts for newborn babies. In addition to its environmental benefits, organic cotton is gentle on the most fragile and sensitive skin, so it's the No. 1 non-toxic choice for even premature babies, or for children who suffer with eczema.

Whether you're looking for baby toys for your own child, or for a really special baby shower gift, these organic soft toys are bound to soon become adored friends, that parents will love for their purity, just as much as their children love them for their aesthetic appeal!

I love all things organic, so I've also included sections for organic baby skincar, organic duvet covers, blankets & luxury organic cotton towels and other non-toxic products such as plastic-free, BPA-free stainless steel lunchboxes.

I hope you enjoy browsing the pages of my site but please do get in touch if you need any advice choosing a gift, or if you're just looking for an organic friend for your own child.


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  • BPA-free, plastic-free stainless steel lunch boxes and non-toxic food storage