These Organic Toys

How organic are the toys you stock?

I make it a criteria, for all the soft toys that I stock, that the main outer fabric that's in contact with skin (it's usually cotton) is certified 100% organically grown/produced. On some of the toys, there may be smaller sections of fabric, for example, a backing material or minor trimmings, which aren't organic. Unfortunately, only a few specialist companies make toys which use organic fabrics inside and out, so not all of the toys I stock have organic fillings but the descriptions for each toy give detailed composition and production information, so that you know exactly what you're giving your child before you buy.

Watch out for false or misleading claims about organic composition  

Please do beware of some retailers' claims that the organic toys they stock are 100% organic - quite possibly, they're not. A regular example of this is the MiYim brand which uses entirely non-organic conventional cotton for the filling. I've lost count of how many times I've seen retailers incorrectly describing MiYim toys as 100% organic. If you're opting for organic cotton because of the environmental benefits and to avoid the high pesticide use of conventional cotton, this misinformation will no doubt matter to you.

If you're specifically looking for an organic toy which also has an organic, or at least, a natural filling, please see the Natural and Organic Fillings category for these toys.