Organic Baby & Child Skincare

In talking to my customers, I know that so many of you have children or grandchildren who suffer with skin sensitivies or eczema. 

With this in mind, I think it's really worthwhile to offer the purest organic skin care products for your little ones' delicate skin. That said, most - if not all - of these products are versatile enough to be able to be used by the whole family.

The only brands I stock have been carefully selected as the most reputable names and the most ethical values, with the purest of products. Most importantly, they're brands that I particularly trust as they don't make misleading, ambiguous, or vague claims about their organic content.  

As with the organic toys, I'm just as committed to making sure you know exactly what's in the skincare products that are listed on my site.

Green People:
Certified Organic Skincare for Babies & Children

Green People is arguably the most trusted name in the UK for organic skin care products and is probably also the best-known. 

It's a British company that very deservedly wins an impressive array of awards, year after year, in recognition of its dedication to producing products that are organic, sustainable, truly cruelty-free and fair trade. Ethical in every way!

Given the level of information that I strive to provide for the organic toys, I especially love the fact that Green People make it so easy to see at a glance, in percentages, exactly how organic their products actually are.

Certified organic and hand made artisan soaps

Certified 100% Organic Soaps

These artisan certified organic soaps are hand made in Cornwall, by a small but dedicated team, using the traditional cold process method. These soaps are as pure as can be, given that they're made with 100% certified organic ingredients. 

In addition to being made in the UK, with sustainable ingredients - all of which can be fully traced back to source - they're also palm oil-free. So not only are these lovely soaps gentle on your skin, but they're also great news for orangutangs and other critically endangered species of rainforest wildlife, whose habitats are under such dire threat from the devastating damage unleashed by the palm oil industry.

No animal derivatives are used and no animal testing is ever done on any of their ingredients.