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What are the benefits of organic cotton compared to conventional non-organic cotton?

In brief, the main benefits are all related to the fact that organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and toxic chemicals. This means:

  • babies and children benefit from the purity of organic cotton, by avoiding skin contact and/or inhalation of potential irritant or toxic residues;
  • organic cotton workers aren't exposed to poisonous, often carcinogenic and potentially fatal, agricultural chemicals;
  • large communities of people living in vast regions surrounding the cotton farms benefit because their air, soil and water supplies don't become contaminated;
  • bees, other wildlife and eco-systems thrive in the absence of pesticides and other very toxic chemicals;
  • and organic standards prohibit the use of genetically modified organisms.   

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Are all the toys you sell 100% organic?

All of our toys have a minimum of certified 100% organically grown cotton as the main outer fabric. Many also have organic fillings too but please see our toys' descriptions for the organic composition information of each toy we stock. Any non-organic or synthetic elements of the toys are clearly and honestly stated in these descriptions.

Our Organic Toys page provides further factual information about organic toys.    

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Skincare companies often make misleading claims - how organic are the skincare products on your website?

Oh, this is such a pet hate of ours.. so apologies that we're going to harp on a bit about this! It's a subject we get rattled about for a number of reasons, including the fact that it gives genuinely ethical and deservedly reputable "organics" a bad name.

Too many companies label their skincare products as "organic", often giving the misleading impression that they have a substantial organic composition. The packaging may even refer to a product containing "..certified organic ingredients...", ....but quietly failing to mention that it might contain as little as 1% organic content. This vague and ambiguous labelling also doesn't give any reassurance that the remaining ingredients aren't the kind of chemical nasties that you're no doubt trying to avoid, by buying a seemingly mainly organic product.

We only stock skincare items that clearly state organic composition as a percentage of the entire product, or skincare items that have been certified organic as a whole product. There are two levels of certification for skincare products - the lower (but still high) level assures that a product is made with a minimum of 70% organic ingredients.  The top level certifies that the organic content is a minimum of 95% certified organic ingredients.

We provide clear information for all the Green People products to indicate what percentage of certified organic ingredients they contain. Almost all the products we offer from this regularly award-winning brand, are certified to have attained at least 70% organic certification and some have achieved the 95% accreditation. The exceptions are their toothpastes where the main ingredient is dental grade chalk, which is an ingredient that can't be covered by organic certification. These toothpastes are 100% natural though (and still an impressive 34% organic for a toothpaste) and they don't contain any fluoride or Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS).

Trevarno's soaps are also impressive in their credentials - they're made with 100% certified organic ingredients and, to our delight, they're proudly completly palm-oil free, so they aren't playing any part in the destruction of the rainforests, in the name of the devastating palm oil industry.   

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What's different about "organically grown cotton fibres"?

Organically grown cotton fibres are harvested from cotton plants which have been farmed under strict controls to all of their organic certifying body's standards, without the use of any pesticides, synthetic fertilisers or any other toxic substances.  Cotton crops are extremely susceptible to a vast number of pests but rather than using pesticides, their natural predators are introduced as pest control.  Good crop rotation and soil management is also essential to maintain natural soil fertility, avoiding the need for synthetic chemical fertilisers.   

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What is Öko-Tex 100 - it it an organic certification?

The Oeko-Tex100 (also referred to as Öko-Tex 100) is an international standard which certifies that a fabric or product has been rigorously tested to show it doesn’t contain any of the top 100 harmful substances most commonly found in textiles.  It is not an organic certification and doesn't assure an environmentally-friendly or chemical-free history of a textile.  We have covered the main points about this in a little more detail in the Oeko-Tex section of our Certification page.   

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Why don't you stock eco-friendly or organic bamboo toys?

Bamboo is another issue of some common misconceptions...

Whilst bamboo is a sustainable, fast-growing crop that doesn't require large amounts of pesticides, there is a little-known problem when it comes to using it as a fabric. In order to be able to harvest the bamboo fibres for textile use, it has to be soaked in some really undesirable toxic chemicals.  Not great for the planet, nor is it something you'd want to have residues of, in your bamboo clothing or children's toys. Using the usual methods to produce bamboo fabric, organic standards are definitely unachievable.

Certified organic bamboo does actually exist though, but its alternative method of extracting the bamboo fibres is extremely expensive and truly certified organic bamboo is very, very, rarely found. When a product is made with certified organic bamboo, you can be certain that it will be very clearly marked as certified organic. That's because the producer will have gone to considerable expense to use the organic-approved extraction method.

So our advice would be to completely disregard anyone's claims of "organic bamboo", unless there's very strong, evidenced, reason to believe it's has certification to support an accurate organic claim. Many, many, retailers just tag "organic" in front of the word bamboo, in the incorrect assumption that a fabric is automatically organic simply because it's bamboo. In the vastest majority of cases, it's highly unlikely that bamboo textile products are certified organic or that they could meet organic standards.

So the reason we don't stock bamboo is that we've never found any certified organic bamboo toys to meet our certified organic fabric criteria. The chances are, that even if we were able to find a range of these, they'd possibly be too highly priced for most people's toy or gift budgets. 

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I've found a brand of organic toys that you don't stock - can you supply these?

Please do get in touch with further details as we may not know of the brand. We're always on the lookout for new products, so please do let us know if you discover any lovely new ranges that might have slipped by us and we'll see what we can do.   

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Why don't you stock MiYim toys?

Partly because they're not easy to source in the UK but also because it doesn't sit comfortably with us that they have conventional cotton (non-organic) fillings. Once again, a manufacturer's clever marketing and ambiguous wording gives the false impression that these toys are made with organic cotton inside and out.. but they're not. If you're buying an organic cotton toy because you're concerned about the environmental and human damage caused by conventional cotton, you'll very probably choose to avoid Miyim's toys.    

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You're out of stock of an item - when are you expecting to have more?

We may be waiting for more stock to arrive at any time now or, from time to time, there can be unavoidable stock delays with the manufacturer.

If you'd like us to keep you updated on when an item has been re-stocked, please fill in this short form so we can let you know of any news or stock arrivals. Don't worry... we hate spam too, so you're not signing up for anything other than updated information about a product you're waiting for. If you no longer need us to contact you when an item's back in stock, just let us know and we'll take you off the list so we don't bother you with any unwanted updates.   

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We're local - can we collect an order from you in person?

We're an online-only business and don't have a bricks and mortar shop so we're unable to offer order collections, nor are the toys on display anywhere. Please do get in touch though as we may be able to arrange delivery if you're nearby, to save you having to pay postal charges.   

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Can my order be delivered to my work address?

All orders must be signed for at their destination, so we realise this may not be practical if you are usually at work during the day. With this in mind, orders can usually be sent to a different delivery address, although this is restricted to UK delivery addresses.

Just remember to specify your billing and delivery address when ordering, if they're different.

Please note that we are sometimes unable to accept delivery to certain establishments, such as hotels.   

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How quickly will my order be despatched?

Orders are usually despatched on the same day for orders received before 12pm. We'll still do our best to despatch later orders on the same day but this depends on how busy we are and how late an order arrives. As we're a small family business, there are occasional times when our office can't be manned and an order then can't be despatched on the same day. Please therefore allow two days for despatch, just to be on the safe side.

Parcels for UK delivery are usually sent by either Royal Mail's 1st Class Signed For service or by Royal Mail's 24 Hour Business Post. Please note that neither of these are guaranteed to arrive the following day. If you need a guaranteed next day delivery service, we'll do our best to accommodate this but you would need to telephone us first to establish if we're able to provide that service on the day in question - and there would be surcharges to pay on our standard UK delivery charge.   

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Do you despatch overseas?

We do.. but not to all countries. We regularly send as far afield as Australia and New Zealand and to many countries inbetween. Unfortunately, we're unable to deliver to the USA or Canada. See our list of countries we can deliver to

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Why don't you deliver to the USA or Canada?

It's not because we have anything against our American or Canadian friends - far from it.

We no longer have insurance cover for these regions, simply because the premium is prohibitively expensive and it involves a long and tedious list of barely comprehensible questions that we'd have to put to all of our suppliers. Most, if not all, UK insurers will charge very high rates for cover for "The Americas" (if they'll even agree to provide it) because of the statistically high level of claims. Many smaller, independent UK retailers are unaware of these likely exclusions on their policies.  

If you need delivery to these countries and find a retailer who does despatch to these parts of the world, it's worth just checking that they're sure they have commercial cover for this.   

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Why are some items only available for UK delivery?

This mostly relates to organic skincare products and most of the organic bed linens, towels and blankets...

  • Green People have trade agreements in place with their representatives in other countries. These agreements prohibit UK retailers from selling Green People's products to customers in those countries where there are official distributors.
  • Most of the organic bed linens, towels and blankets are sent directly to you from our supplier and, as such, we're unable to offer international delivery for these items.   


Can organic toys be machine washed?

In short, it varies.

Some of the toys on our website are machine washable and some others do need a lot of care. Particularly delicate examples are those with organic wool fillings. Organic wool isn't treated with any anti-felting or easy-care chemicals (which is a great attribute) but this does mean that these will be far more delicate than some of the others... and probably wouldn't escape unscathed with even a gentle washing machine cycle. We provide care instructions on each product's page of our website to help you decide what's best for you, before you choose.

Always check the care label on the toy before washing but you might also find the Care Instructions on the relevant toy's product page of our website to be more helpful... especially if, like us, you can never remember what all the washing symbols mean!

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