Environmental Policy

I'm passionate about doing what I can for the environment. Here are some of the ways in which I do this in the workplace...

  • Very, very, little of my business waste - if any - ends up in landfill. I recycle everything.... obsessively!  Luckily, I have a private recycling company nearby. My waste is their profit, so I know that nothing I take there gets sneakily dumped in landfill. At the same time, I'm supporting a local independent company that's helping to reduce the impact on the planet's resources.
  • Whilst recycling is great, getting more than one use out of packaging before recycling is even better. I re-use packaging when we can, so your order might turn up in a pre-used box. That said, my requirements for pre-used packaging outweighs a limited supply, so I'm increasingly having to use new packaging. Please re-use or recycle as much of the packaging from your order as you can. 
  • For all toy orders, I use acid-free gift tissue paper to line your order's box and to wrap your toys, so that you know they're kept clean and well protected on their way to you, without using plastic wrapping or excessive packaging. 
  • Almost all of my stock is sent to me in plastic bags. That's not ideal, but it does protect the toys from any airborne pollutants, moisture and any potential mishaps whilst in transit and whilst they're in suppliers' warehouses. I remove and recycle the plastic bags when I process your order.  
  • All of our home and work electricity comes from 100% renewable sources. 
  • We have photo-voltaic roof panels installed to harness solar energy. The energy these panels collect goes to the National Grid as a supply of renewable energy.

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