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  1. Happy Mothers Day

    Wishing all mums, grandmothers and expectant mums a perfect Mother's Day!  Enjoy a wonderful day, being pampered by your families - it's a well deserved day of appreciation and love!

  2. Mothers Day saying it with flowers but at what cost

    Mother's Day is almost here, marking another calendar date when giving cut flowers is the celebratory norm. Abundant displays of tidal waves of vibrant colour scream for our attention in shops and florists everywhere, as the day approaches.

    It really lifts the spirits to receive a beautiful bunch of flowers and they serve as a heart-warming oingoing reminder of the gesture, as they continue to brighten our homes for a week or so later. A bouquet of flowers are, of course, the customary gift to show our mothers that we care, but there's another aspect we tend to not think to care about and that's the environmental cost. But flowers are natural gifts… right? So what's there to consider? 

  3. Organic cotton - cotton on to the benefits

    …. there are more reasons to avoid conventional cotton than you might think!

    Awareness is undoubtedly growing about the benefits of "going organic" and side-stepping from organic food, organic cotton products are becoming easier to find in the UK, but many parents don't really know about the numerous benefits of opting for organic cotton for their baby, rather than conventionally grown cotton.