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  1. Organic nursery

    A new baby on the way?

    If you're soon going to be welcoming a new little arrival to the family, you'll no doubt be planning how you'd like to decorate or furnish your baby's nursery.  The first decisions that come to mind are probably colour schemes and which baby equipment you'll need, but there's another very worthwhile consideration…. keeping the nursery as non-toxic and chemical-free as possible.

    Babies have very underdeveloped immune systems so they're far more sensitive to toxins in their surroundings.  Bearing in mind, we're exposed to an invisible barrage of chemicals on a daily basis, it's worth giving some thought to how to minimise this for your new baby.

    Here are 10 ways ways you can keep your baby's room as chemical-free as you can…

  2. Natures Natalie organic doll

    We've been without the lovely "Natalie" organic doll for a little while now and quite a few of you have been asking when she'll be back.  (Nature's Purest itself has been out of stock of these, so there's been a nationwide shortage!) 

    We're very pleased to announce though, that this gorgeous organic doll is expected to be back in stock with us during the week commencing Monday, 6th March.  

    If you'd like us to reserve Natalie for you when she arrives, just drop us an email and we'll notify you as soon as she's here!  In the meantime, Natalie's friends Naomi and Nathan are available and in stock.

  3. Wolf

    If you're reading this article, the chances are that - like me - you opt for organic food for yourself and your family, as best that you practically and affordably can.  For me, this isn't limited to choosing organic food just because it's pesticide and GM-free.  There's an ethical aspect too and I want our family's £s to support companies who have a moral compass that, in the main, lines up with ours. 

    Most of us would assume that all the certified organic food brands would meet this ideal, but you may be surprised to discover that things aren't all they seem with some once-ethical big name organic manufacturers. 

  4. Organic

    There's no doubt that environmental messages are increasingly being heard and that more and more people are doing what they can to live greener lifestyles.  With this growing interest and demand in products which are ecologically-responsible, ethical and non-toxic, organic or eco products are taking established places alongside their conventional, mainstream, counterparts.  

    There seem to be two main aspects to the heightened popularity of eco products – there are, of course, the environmental and ethical attributes, but there's also the idea that "eco" equates to natural and non-toxic.

    To what extent though, are we being misled - or even outright conned - by ambiguous labelling or gratuitous use of the words "eco" or "organic"?  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this, in fact, is a widespread problem, with the exception of organic food items, which are very strictly monitored. 

    Too many manufacturers are exploiting the good intentions of the public with cleverly worded descriptions which can suggest that a product is something it's not, with the beauty and textiles industries being amongst the worst culprits, although they're not the only offenders.