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More delivery choices

Delivery charges…. they've been on my mind for some time!

It's really important to me that your orders arrive reliably and – hopefully - the next postal day after despatch. With more than just a hint of OCD, I always do everything in my power to get orders out in the same day's post, if I possibly can, even with orders that come through late in the day. That's all a bit of a pointless effort though if the post isn't reliable or if the postie doesn't share my sense of urgency! 

In briefly leaving behind my own personal obsession about providing a speedy (but still personal) service, I've reconsidered using only 1st Class Signed For delivery, which has always been my standard delivery service.

I know many of you love having your parcels arriving so quickly - sometimes well under 24 hours after placing an order, you've told me - but it's always niggled me that a £4.95 delivery charge is disproportionate for small, lower value, orders.

I have to say that in the 9 years (at the time of writing) since founding The Organic Toy Company, only one UK parcel has ever gone completely missing so Royal Mail have certainly earned my confidence.

Some months ago, I introduced a standard Air Mail option for international parcels up to 500g, on a trial basis and it's proved to be a popular option. I must admit I do rather feel nervous sending parcels out without the security of tracking and a required signature, hoping they'll arrive as safely and reliably as the "peace of mind" services. As a small business owner, postal losses are a real worry.

The time has come though for me to "let go" (*deep breaths*) and to offer non-signed for and slower, more economical, delivery services, so you can decide whether or not to opt for the more secure and faster services.

Mindful of those earlier-mentioned possible postal losses – in both your interests and mine, I have limited for now the non-signed for services to orders of £30 or less, but I'll keep this under review and might alter the threshold once I've been able to monitor how it's going.

So, the UK delivery options now are:

If you're not in a hurry and prefer a cheaper service:

  • ECONOMY (approx 3-5 days) Standard 2nd Class, only available for orders up to £30: £3.35
  • ECONOMY (approx 3-5 days) 2nd Class SIGNED FOR, available for all orders: £4.45
  • ECONOMY (approx 5-7 days) for orders over £100: FREE

Or, if you still would like your order to arrive within the next day or two, these are the choices…

  • Standard 1st Class, only available for orders up to £30: £3.85
  • 1st Class SIGNED FOR, available for all orders: £4.95 (my favourite, of course!)
  • Optional faster delivery upgrade, for orders over £100 qualifying for free Economy delivery: £4.95

If you really need an order to arrive by a guaranteed next day delivery, please give me a call on 01843 600023. I'd need to weigh your order to give you an accurate price but this also gives me an opportunity to confirm that the items for your order are in stock and your order can be processed in time to catch that day's post. 

Details about overseas delivery services and cost are shown on the International Delivery Price Guide page.

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