UK Schools Are Wising Up To Organics!

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Organic food is on the increase in UK schools

That's great news for our kids!

The Soil Association has reported that a record number of schools are recognising the benefits of eating organic food, with more than a third of all UK schools now putting organic food on the menu.

Impressively, half of all primary schools now include organic food in their meals, encouraging children to eat more healthily and more ethically, giving them the best start in life and instilling an awareness of food sources from a young age. This all goes a long way to youngsters developing good eating habits throughout childhood, increasing the likelihood of this following on into their adult lives. 

Food For Life is a campaign run by The Soil Association, working with nurseries, schools, hospitals and care homes to educate and support improvements in healthy eating and awards

Households generally are increasingly understanding the merits of choosing organic food and that's reflected by organic food sales continuing to grow in the UK, topping a record £2 billion last year, despite the often higher price tag of organics. The fact that the increase in sales is partly fuelled by schools offering pupils organic food in their school meals, is really welcome news and with this increase in demand, comes more choice.

Is your child's school involved? To find out which schools participate in this scheme or to find out more about it, see The Soil Association's dedicated Food for Life website.

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