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  1. Why Organic Cotton is a Better Choice, Especially For Your Baby...

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    Organic cotton - cotton on to the benefits

    …. there are more reasons to avoid conventional cotton than you might think!

    Awareness is undoubtedly growing about the benefits of "going organic" and side-stepping from organic food, organic cotton products are becoming easier to find in the UK, but many parents don't really know about the numerous benefits of opting for organic cotton for their baby, rather than conventionally grown cotton. 

  2. 10 Tips for Creating A Natural and Non-Toxic Nursery

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    Organic nursery

    A new baby on the way?

    If you're soon going to be welcoming a new little arrival to the family, you'll no doubt be planning how you'd like to decorate or furnish your baby's nursery.  The first decisions that come to mind are probably colour schemes and which baby equipment you'll need, but there's another very worthwhile consideration…. keeping the nursery as non-toxic and chemical-free as possible.

    Babies have very underdeveloped immune systems so they're far more sensitive to toxins in their surroundings.  Bearing in mind, we're exposed to an invisible barrage of chemicals on a daily basis, it's worth giving some thought to how to minimise this for your new baby.

    Here are 10 ways ways you can keep your baby's room as chemical-free as you can…