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  1. NEW! Introducing more delivery options, including economy services, if you're not in a hurry!

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    More delivery choices

    Delivery charges…. they've been on my mind for some time!

    It's really important to me that your orders arrive reliably and – hopefully - the next postal day after despatch. With more than just a hint of OCD, I always do everything in my power to get orders out in the same day's post, if I possibly can, even with orders that come through late in the day. That's all a bit of a pointless effort though if the post isn't reliable or if the postie doesn't share my sense of urgency! 

  2. Happy Mother's Day!

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    Happy Mothers Day

    Wishing all mums, grandmothers and expectant mums a perfect Mother's Day!  Enjoy a wonderful day, being pampered by your families - it's a well deserved day of appreciation and love!

  3. Nature's Natalie Organic Doll - back in stock soon!

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    Natures Natalie organic doll

    We've been without the lovely "Natalie" organic doll for a little while now and quite a few of you have been asking when she'll be back.  (Nature's Purest itself has been out of stock of these, so there's been a nationwide shortage!) 

    We're very pleased to announce though, that this gorgeous organic doll is expected to be back in stock with us during the week commencing Monday, 6th March.  

    If you'd like us to reserve Natalie for you when she arrives, just drop us an email and we'll notify you as soon as she's here!  In the meantime, Natalie's friends Naomi and Nathan are available and in stock.

  4. Blogging, finally...

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    Blog image

    Well, its now been quite some time since the new design of the website went live, but I have to confess, until now, it has been a bit of a struggle trying to get round to getting the blog started and to give some proper attention to the website's social media pages.  Many thanks to our followers for having hung in there and waited so patiently for some action!

    I'm very pleased to say though that a new era of discipline has finally begun and I'll do my best to post regularly from now on!  In addition to any snippets of news we'd like to share, I'll be posting mostly about issues that interests us as a family in terms of healthy living, organics, parenting, the environment and anything else that we think like-minded readers might also enjoy reading about.

    I'd love to hear your comments and feedback on posts!