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  1. UK Schools Are Wising Up To Organics!

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    Organic food is on the increase in UK schools

    That's great news for our kids!

    The Soil Association has reported that a record number of schools are recognising the benefits of eating organic food, with more than a third of all UK schools now putting organic food on the menu.

    Impressively, half of all primary schools now include organic food in their meals, encouraging children to eat more healthily and more ethically, giving them the best start in life and instilling an awareness of food sources from a young age. This all goes a long way to youngsters developing good eating habits throughout childhood, increasing the likelihood of this following on into their adult lives. 

  2. Organic Food Brands - Wolves in Organic Sheep's Clothing

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    If you're reading this article, the chances are that - like me - you opt for organic food for yourself and your family, as best that you practically and affordably can.  For me, this isn't limited to choosing organic food just because it's pesticide and GM-free.  There's an ethical aspect too and I want our family's £s to support companies who have a moral compass that, in the main, lines up with ours. 

    Most of us would assume that all the certified organic food brands would meet this ideal, but you may be surprised to discover that things aren't all they seem with some once-ethical big name organic manufacturers.