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LOW STOCK - PLEASE READ:  It's with a heavy heart that, after more than 10 years of trading, I've decided to wind down The Organic Toy Company and, as such, I now only have limited stock left. 

So if you see something you like, I'd urge you to nab it whilst it's still available as many lines have only very low stock left and what's available now may very possibly be gone if you come back later.  

So click here to easily see, in one place, everything that's still left in stock.

Beautiful certified organic cotton friends for your baby, peace of mind for you... 

Thanks so much for stopping by my online shop, where every toy is ethically made with certified 100% organic cotton as, at the very least, the main outer fabric! 

Whether you're looking for non-toxic toys for your own little ones, or you're searching for a special gift that parents will love their child to have, do have a leisurely browse amongst the many ranges of adorable natural companions. Made with certified organic cotton, these planet-friendly and ethical soft toys are skin-kind for children of all ages to cuddle and love. 

With allergies and skin sensitivities such as eczema ever on the rise, organic cotton's the ideal choice for your children.... in fact, it was as a result of our own children suffering with eczema that The Organic Toy Company was founded, back in 2008!

Need inspiration for baby shower gift ideas?

Organic toys make the purest baby gifts! With no chemical nasties being cuddled against a baby's delicate skin, nor being ingested whilst inquisitive gums get to work on chewing that much-loved bunny's ear, giving natural toys that are made with certified 100% organic cotton, shows you really care. 

If you've discovered this website in search of newborn gifts, I've picked out baby toys which are particularly attractively packaged or are presented in gift-boxes, for inclusion in the dedicated area for organic baby gifts, where you can search by your budget.

Premature Babies

Unfortunately, all the Bondifly Butterfly Comforters for premature babies have now sold out but please see what's left in the Premature Babies category if you're buying for a preemie, or just would like something small for a newborn.

As every parent knows, to children, soft toys are REAL friends...

Babies and children often tend to personify their soft toys and, in doing so, love them as much as if they were real life friends, to share their days, their bedtimes and their emotions with.

That amounts to an awful lot of cuddling - and for babies, seemingly endless affectionate chewing too!  

With all that close and prolonged contact, make your child's favourite toy an organic one!

Children and their favourite toys soon become inseparable!

EVERY soft toy on this website is made with certified 100% organically grown cotton as the main outer material. Some of the toys have 100% organic fillings too, but key information is displayed clearly on each toy's dedicated page about its composition, origin and manufacture, so that you can see exactly what you're giving your little one, before you purchase.  

Share your photos of your children with their organic toys...

It's so lovely to see your children's organic toys being enjoyed in real life captured moments and many of you have sent your pictures in to me, over the years. 

So I thought it would be a great idea to create a dedicated space - YOUR GALLERY - for you to proudly share pictures of your little munchkin, with his or her organic friends! As a brand new feature, this online "collage" will grow over time as more pictures are included. Click on the "share your photos" image below to send your photos in and I'll do the rest. I'll drop you a quick line by email to let you know when your little one is featured in there with their toy!

Love organics generally?

Looking after our planet - Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little

Looking after the planet is a win/win way to go...

Modern life means it's nigh on impossible to completely avoid the multitude of chemical "nasties" and environmental contaminants that invisibly bombard us. 

Thankfully, there are choices we can make, to help reduce our - and our families' - exposure to many of today's common toxins. Given that babies are notorious for putting everything in their mouths - and their immune systems are still at an early stage of development - it's all the more important to safeguard them from the cocktails of chemicals that we live alongside.

All the products on this website can play a worthwhile part in helping us to live healthier and more toxin-free lives. Furthermore, they're all produced in a way that's kinder to the planet, fellow human beings and the animal world.

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