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Baby Signing Basics book

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Baby Signing Basics book, written by Lizzie Betts and illustrated by Cath S 

Although we're best known for our organic baby toys here at The Organic Toy Company, we are delighted to now also be offering this fabulous Baby Signing Basics book by Lizzie Betts.  The teachings in this books are ideal for babies of between 5-18 months, although this is a guideline age and isn't rigid. 

We're huge fans and supporters of Little Signers Club (who provide expert classes in teaching baby communication techniques) and this easy-to-follow and beautifully illustrated guide is used in conjunction with all their baby signing courses.

Baby signing is becoming hugely popular as more and more parents recognise the benefits in being able to communicate with their babies long before their little ones are able to talk.  It's a common misconception that baby signing delays speech development, but in fact, evidence clearly shows that when signing is done correctly, the exact opposite is true.  Studies have also shown signing children to be significantly ahead of non-signing children at the age of 8 years old.

Click on our Baby Signing Book's page, for more information and to discover just some of the many benefits of showing your baby or child how to sign, made easy by this well-written and clearly illustrated beginners' guide.


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  1. The Organic Toy Company

    Thanks, very much - many more posts to come, even though we've been a bit slack on here lately!

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  2. Casper Jones

    You all are doing such an awesome job! The ideas keep flowing I see. Thank you for sharing with me and everyone.

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