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Organic cotton school uniform

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As we're approaching the half-way point in the school holidays, anyone who's more organised than me, is likely to be thinking about buying new school uniform, if they haven't already.

If you're browsing this website, the chances are that you're either concerned about environmental issues, or you may have a child with eczema, allergies or very sensitive skin - or perhaps both.  You may not be aware though that amongst the growing choices of organic products now available, organic cotton school uniform is now an option.  

At the beginning of the last school year, I was delighted to find I could buy organic school shirts, skirt and trousers for my eldest daughter (who has always suffered badly with eczema) from Lint Kids.  I'd expected specialist organic cotton uniform to be really expensive but was pleasantly surprised to find the prices very reasonable (for example, a short-sleeved girl's shirt for a 3-4 year old will only set you back £6.99). Prices for organic cotton clothing are never going to be comparable with the supermarkets' cut-price, sweatshop-produced, mass-produced, polyester alternatives but, as is widely known nowadays, ethically the cost of cheap clothing goes far beyond the price we pay as consumers.

If you haven't considered organic school uniform before, I really do recommend it. Just don't be tempted to put any of it in the tumble dryer during the wetter winter months - it'll be considerably harder to iron. My daughters' organic school shirts just get softer and softer (rather than more bobbly and scratchy) and whiter, not greyer, the more they're washed.  As she has a younger sister, going organic offers even better value for money.  The quality of the uniform will certainly last until her little sister grows into it, doubling its use - and rather than it looking tatty with age as a synthetic version probably would, it'll all be lovely and soft.  

The only tricky bit is going to be keeping it all free from food and paint stains!

For organic cotton school uniform, visit Lint Kids at Long and short-sleeved school shirts are available in white and school skirts and trousers are available in navy, dark grey, black and brown.


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