Grey Paws Stick Rattle - also available as ring rattle and comforter!
NEW Organic hand sanitiser, keeps little fingers clean & germ-free on the go, without water or wipes
Organic Monkey Baby Gift Trio Set

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The Organic Toy Company
...for the UK's largest choice in organic toys, as the purest baby toys,
extra-special newborn gifts and natural soft toys for all ages
Organic toys for all ages and also ideal as newborn baby gifts and baby toys!   Organic baby skincare
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Our website address won't change but we're very excited to be launching a new, improved, look, hopefully before the end of June. The new site will be fully mobile-friendly and will have many improvements - and a much brighter appearance - so please do pop back and have a look at the new site too, once it's launched.

Stunning new Wooly Organic range - choose from a velvety soft teddy bear or bunny rabbit character, or co-ordinating comforter, stick rattle and teething rattle...

Wooly Organic Teddy Bear and Bunny Rabbit organic toys

Do you really know what your baby is putting
in his or her mouth, or cuddling against delicate skin, 
when playing with toys?
Our natural soft toys made with skin-friendly and planet-friendly
certified organic cotton, provide the ultimate peace of mind!
  Organic toys for children of all ages to cuddle

Organic Pifor Pig - three sizes, limited stock 

Soft animal characters from the Charlie Bears Little Organics range are made with tufted organic cotton fleece.  There's also Efferlump and other characters from the range (limited characters and sizes, while stocks last, along with characters from the easy-to-cuddle "Skinnies" range!  

Charlie Bears Skinnies - Jimmy Giraffe, Buffy Bunny, Milly Mouse, BoBo Bear and Pina PigletCharlie Bears Skinnies with narrow profile, making them ideal for little arms to cuddle! 

These Charlie Bears Skinnies characters are supersoft and cleverly have a flatter profile, making them easier for little arms to reach round and cuddle!  Choose from Jimmy Giraffe, Buffy Bunny, Milly Mouse, BoBo Bear and Pina Piglet!

There's also FeeBee Bunny Dangly - with the brilliant design of having button-together paws to keep this bunny from getting lost when out and about!


Natures Purest Organic Toys and GiftsNatures Purest Organic Hug Me Bear range - shown here is the velvet Hug Me Bear and co-ordinating Hug Me Bear Snuggle Buddy comforter

Nature's Purest offer an ever-growing choice of adorable characters in their beautiful baby toys, comforters and newborn baby gifts, made with undyed certified organic cotton.  Their classic and much-loved characters form the Hug Me Bear and Sleepy Safari ranges of toys and comforters, the latter featuring a lion, giraffe and elephant trio of friends.  More recent ranges include the luxurious Pure Love bunnies and the great value Teddy and Ele range.  Discover the delightful new characters in Nature's Purest's latest ranges including a new addition to the Hug Me Bear family and the new So Sweet pink cat and So Cute  blue dog characters which are now in stock, along with some beautiful new baby toys, newborn baby gift sets, rattles and comforters being added to their long-established ranges!

If a family member, friend or work colleague is expecting a baby and you're looking for a gift for the new arrival, or a baby's first toy for your own little one, we highly recommend having a browse in the extensive Nature's Purest category.

Are you looking for an extra-special baby gift for a new arrival or a baby shower? 
Are you struggling to find natural toys which are free from irritant chemicals,
for a baby or child with eczema, allergies or very sensitive skin? 
Or perhaps comforters which are undyed or pure enough for even a premature baby?
 Do you prefer to buy toys made ethically and in an environmentally responsible way?

 If so, we can help!  We have the UK's widest collection of organic cotton toys.
Organic cotton is non-irritant and non-toxic, ensuring your baby isn't cuddling
or ingesting or any harmful chemicals, making it ideal for babies and children.
It's also kind to skin which is very sensitive or prone to eczema or allergies and
is planet-friendly too!

 Certified organic skincare for babies and children

With so many of our customers telling us that their children suffer with eczema or allergies, we've expanded our range to include premium quality certified organic skincare products for babies and children, by Green PeopleOrganic Monkey and Trevarno. 

NEW!  Beautifully packaged Green People Organic Baby Gift Sets  - and with certified organic skincare products, you know they're pure enough for even newborn skin!  Choose from Hello Baby Girl or Hello Baby Boy (just click on the relevant box below for more details)!

Green People Hello Baby Girl Gift PackGreen People Hello Baby Boy Gift Pack
 All the skincare products that we stock are certified organic. 
This guarantees they have a minimum 70% organic composition
...often they're more, with some being 100% organic. 
These ranges include fragrance-free options, for the most delicate skin.
Show your children how much you care about them...
... and the world they'll inherit! 
Recommended by:
The Green Parent Magazine recommends Summer   Miss Eco Glam   Janey Lee   Made for Mums
Recommended by Mums Just Love...   The Green Familia   LovelyCompanies


The Organic Toy Company is run by parents who are passionate about providing other parents with non-toxic toys for their babies, toddlers and older children.  We're also dedicated to providing a substantial choice of products, helping the ever-growing number of parents who share the desire to make environmentally-responsible choices.  
How organic are our toys? 
Every single organic toy on our website boasts a main outer fabric which is certified 100% organic cotton, or another certified 100% organic fabric.  The fillings in each toy vary (not all are organic) but we provide detailed information about every toy on its dedicated page, to ensure that you really do know what you're buying before placing an order.  As parents ourselves, the products and service that we provide are to the high standard that we would expect as customers ourselves.  With our own awareness of the hidden chemical "nasties" in so many of today's mass-produced toys, we've scoured the globe to bring you the widest selection of organic toys anywhere, to save you the time and hassle of having to shop around for safe baby toys which are kind to your baby and which are also being produced in an environmentally-responsible and ethical way.  There's no ambiguity about whether the toys are really organic, when shopping on our website.  All too often, we've seen bamboo toys and comforters being called organic just because they're made from bamboo - this is untrue and misleading.  Whilst certified organic bamboo does exist, it's not widely available and we've been unable to find any organic bamboo toys despite some misinformed/falsely assumed claims by other retailers (please do let us know if you discover any organic bamboo toys  as we'd love to stock them)!  Whilst bamboo is grown in a sustainable and eco-friendly way, do be aware that the usual processes to harvest the fibres for bamboo fabric involve soaking the bamboo in extremely toxic chemicals which certainly wouldn't pass organic certification standards and, as with non-organic cotton, residues of these can remain in the fabric.
Newborn baby gifts
If you're looking for a gift for a new baby, an organic toy is the perfect way of showing your consideration for both the tiny baby's extra delicate, sensitive, skin and the future of the planet.  It's a sad fact that eczema and skin sensitivities are commonplace nowadays, worryingly even in newborn babies, so by opting for an organic baby gift you're helping to minimise the irritants that come into contact with a little one's skin.  Of course, there's also the worry about what young and teething babies are putting in their mouths and with certified organic toys, that's one thing less to worry about.  So if you have a family member, friend or work colleague who is expecting a baby, an organic baby toy makes a much more special gift for the new arrival than the typical mass-produced baby toys in chain high street stores and supermarkets!  If you'd prefer to give a baby gift that's in a presentation box, see our dedicated New Baby Gifts and Sets category which conveniently brings all the gift-boxed choices together in one place for you to see.  
Not just baby toys though!
Even though most of our toys are suitable from birth, please don't assume that they're only aimed at babies!  Whilst rattles, comforters and "first toys" might be more widely associated with newborns and younger babies, be assured that we do have some really adorable and educational toys for toddlers and older children of all ages!  (Although it has to be said that many comforters are also loved and cherished by older babies and toddlers too!)  Especially popular are the cuddly Charlie Bears Little Organics toys and for a brilliant, award-winning, educational toy that will grow with your child, we especially recommend My Wondercube and the co-ordinating educational fillings which can be bought as additional sets as your child develops new skills.
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